The Product Launch Guide: 5 Questions to Answer Before Making the Leap

1. Product: What product are you launching, and why?


2. People: Who is your customer, and how well do you know them?

  • Researching your target audience via phone calls, email surveys, or in-person interviews
  • Keeping an eye out for demographic details related to age, behavior, characteristics, challenges, goals, etc.
  • Creating separate user personas for each segment you’ve identified

3. Pricing: How will you price your products?


4. Promotion: How will you promote your products?

Social media marketing

Influencer marketing

Content marketing

  • Leverage SEO best practices to rank on search.
  • Incorporate visual assets to make your brand as visible as possible.
  • Know which channels are relevant to your audience, and publish on them.

Email marketing

5. Place: Where will your customers make a purchase after product launch?

You can’t plan for every scenario — and that’s okay



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William Harris

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