How to Use Image Search with the Amazon Influencer Program to Increase Sales — Sellbrite

Image search is revolutionizing how people shop

Finding the right influencer fit has the potential to boost sales

  • Demographics. Find out who follows the influencers you’re interested in working with. You’ll have to decide if these followers are people who’ll find your product useful.
  • Location of the majority of followers. Only if it’s applicable to where you ship products. This is good to know if your products are only available to ship to certain countries.
  • Number of followers. This helps you to gauge the amount of potential reach your influencer campaign will have.
  • Types of engagement. It’s important to know how many likes, comments, shares, and follows influencers get. This will impact your click-through rate (CTR) from social media to storefront.

Improve marketing campaigns with the Amazon Influencer Program

Key takeaways of image search in the Amazon Influencer Program

  • The Prime badge appears on images to make it easy for shoppers to find the products they want that will ship fast.
  • Influencer pages are very product specific. This makes it easy to know if your products are a fit for influencers’ followers.
  • Influencers promote their storefront-with your products-on social media, which drives traffic to your store to search for more products.
  • Other than what it costs to pay influencers for their partnership, Amazon sellers don’t have to do any additional advertising or make payments. Plus, sellers don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on influencer marketing where costs range from a few hundred dollars per post to hundreds of thousands of dollars for more popular influencers.

Next steps with the Amazon Influencer Program



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