8 Great Ideas for Driving More Qualified Traffic to Your Ecommerce Store

1. Tell Relatable Stories

  • Who are my customers?
  • What do they care about?
  • Why do they come to my shop?
  • How can I help them?
  • What stories will compel them to act?
  • What stories make our brand or products unique?

2. Become a Source for Answers

3. Build a Passionate Community of Advocates

4. Partner with Other Brands and Influencers

  • You can work with another brand or celebrity to collaborate on a limited-edition product.
  • You can create and launch email marketing campaigns for each other’s audiences.
  • You can create advertising campaigns for sites and apps like Instagram, YouTube, or Snapchat that leverage viral celebrities on each platform.
  • You can rally behind the same cause or support the same nonprofit.
  • You can allow an influencer to ‘take over’ one of your social media accounts for the day in order to drive more interaction and engagement with your social media followers.

5. Go Where Your Customers Are

6. Pay-to-Play

7. Try Something Wildly Different

  • Launching a physical pop-up store in a major city
  • Making one customer’s dreams come true and sharing the story on video
  • Working with a big (BIG) name influencer to drive more awareness about your brand
  • Creating a web series and hiring well-known actors or YouTube celebrities to act in your show

8. Make Customer Engagement a Priority

Over to You



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